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Welcome to the Markentail.

Markentail is the most unique travel service available today. Combiningreal people with extensive knowledge who want to understand who you are andwhat you want in a great trip. Dedicated resources for our specificdestinations with outstanding service, attention to detail and support before,during and after your trip. Get started exploring our destinations below orbrowse the tabs to the left. Thank you for visiting us today.


Markentail Formed about 15 years ago have made a mark in the travel and tourismindustry in the Maldives with an undisputed reputation of high-end service,customer satisfactory travel and tour to Maldives . Markentail Travel pvt.Ltdis a registered travel and tour operating agent in the Maldives and a travelagent for number of leading tourist resort islands and hotels the Maldives. Maldives is world renowned for its unmatchedtropical natural beauty and best known as the ‘last paradise on earth’. It’sunder water is only second to the Great Barrier reef . Markentail Travel. since its inception without failure has been providing dream holidays, unforgettable honeymoon special packages, diving excursions, rest and relaxes getaways to our valuable customers. Providing highest standards of customer satisfaction is synonymous with the name Markentail.

Extensively deals with customers from Cyprus, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt,Dubai, Germany , Italy , Japan and also increasingly from the Asia region. We provide set packages and even custom-made to suite requirements and to fit the pocket of our valuable customer.
Vision: Bethe leader in operating tour to the Maldives and providing unparalleledcustomer satisfaction.
Mission: Throughhard work, dedication and devotion provide incomparable customer satisfactionin organsing and operating tour to Maldives and provide all related services athighest international standards. Uniting conservation, communities andsustainable travel, TIES promotes responsible travel to natural areas thatconserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people .
General Information:
Markentail  has been working with some of the best resorts in theMaldives . For the past 10 years. This has meant that we can offer excellentvalue for money and can confirm your holiday very quickly. Some times, it canbe very difficult to choose from such a long list of Hotels and resorts. Some islandsare famous for diving whilst others are classical Maldivian islands. In thelist you will find many resorts, which offers health and spa. This price variesdepending on the standard of the island. Please browse through and send us yourequest. If you find it too difficult, just let us know what you want to do onyour holiday and we will get you a short list to consider. For all yourqueries, please send us an e-mail